Tempering heat treatment furnace

Tempering heat treatment furnace briefly

The tempering heat treatment furnace is intermittent type, with tempering temperature of 650 ℃. After quenching, high temperature or low temperature tempering is used in the relatively sealed cavity. Pit furnace is usually placed below the ground level in the workshop, or above the ground level, or the ground level of each half layer fluctuates.

Tempering heat treatment furnace application area

Tempering heat treatment furnace is mainly used for bar, long shaft, plate, shaft and other metal materials and mechanical parts.

Tempering heat treatment furnace structural morphology

Tempering heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of furnace shell, furnace lining, heating device, muffle furnace and charging rack. Hoisting mechanism of furnace cover and furnace top.

Tempering heat treatment furnace advantage

The furnace body is a cylindrical deep well, and the workpiece is installed vertically in the furnace for heating, which is not easy to deform.

RJ2 series well type electric furnace can also be used for tempering, annealing, normalizing, carburizing and carbonitriding heat treatment of mechanical parts. It can be heated by electricity or gas. It is called pit type resistance furnace with electricity as heat source. It can be matched with pit type tempering furnace, quenching tank, cleaning machine and other equipment to form heat treatment production line.

Tempering heat treatment furnace

Main technical parameters of tempering heat treatment furnace

ModelRated powerRated temperatureRated voltageFurnace hearth sizeMax loading CapacityWeight

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