Energy Saving Small Electric Tempering Heat Treatment Furnace

Product application

The energy-saving small-scale electric regenerative heat treatment furnace is mainly used for tempering heat treatment of small and medium-sized metal parts and alloy parts. The working temperature is lower than 850 ℃.

Working conditions and maintenance

Check all wiring regularly for looseness; check the travel switch regularly to prevent damage to the furnace due to improper operation.


Furnace working conditions:

A) The average monthly humidity in this area is no more than 90%;

B) No explosion hazard, no corrosive gas or electric dust;

C) There is no obvious vibration or turbulence; the slope of heavy surface is not higher than 5 ℃;

D) The surface of the control cabinet shall be kept clean;

E) Check whether the instrument works normally on a regular basis;

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Energy Saving Small Electric Tempering Heat Treatment Furnace 

Rated Power

35KW (adjustable)

Power Supply

380V, 3P, 50Hz

Rated working temperature


Heating Zone

1 zone

Effective working size


Furnace cover lifting method

up-down by electric screw

Temperature uniformity


Temperature control accuracy


Empty furnace temperature rise time

≤2 hours

furnace surface temperature rise


Empty furnace power loss


Temperature control method


Heating element

0Cr25AL5 ( alloy wire)

Heating method

4 sides heating

Furnace lining

refractory fiber and bricks


1Cr18Ni9Ti refractory steel

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