Bell type tempering furnace

Bell type tempering furnace.jpg

Product Description:

Full fiber furnace shape structure. Has good energy saving performance. Saving 30-38% energy compared with the brick structure electric furnace with the same specification. Heating speed increased by 1 times.the body is lightweight, and the furnace body can be removed by hand or the electric mechanism. The platform for loading and unloading will come out.

With the movable furnace body, easy maintenance and repair equipment to improve the furnace life.more than one furnace to use, increase productivity, save investment ,electric furnace with a hot air circulation device and the wind guide system, so that the furnace temperature is uniformity, the workpiece is evenly heated. large loading capacity, easy to install furnace, save energy, safe and reliable operation. full fiber structure, improve the furnace insulation performance, reduce the weight of the hood .Furnace bell moves up and down, double furnace rotation heating work.


Tempering furnace: Supply tempering in air to general metal parts; quenching, annealing, aging heat treatment to aluminum alloy die castings, piston, aluminum plate and other light alloy parts.

Parameter :

Working zone size : 2150 x 2100 mm , Rated temperature : 950℃

Rated power : 380/415/240V




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