Wireless Temperature Controller for Heating FurnaceT

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Product description:
Main technical indexes and feature
1.Reliable transmission line of distance up to 1500m; by using GFSK modulation; According to the thickness of the wall , material, the signal can pass through 2 to 5 walls.
2.Support 255 acquisition equipment wireless networking, computer acquisition software can be wireless data acquisition, viewing, export data;
3.The equipment support networking, through the mobile phone APP remote monitoring data (optional);
4.The device supports Modbus RTU communication protocol (we default is wireless data acquisition method, device also supports wired data acquisition, if need to be wired, please confirmed before buying);
5.The carrier frequency is 315-915 MHz, professional reading band, no need to apply frequency;
6.The optimization of man-machine interface, users can set up quickly;
7.User defined password lock function, it can prevent the misoperation of the user;
8.It can be used for point-to-point, point to multipoint communication, various combinations of;
9.The power supply: table DC +4.5V~+5.5V; AC 90~250V 50Hz the main table
Main technical indexes and feature




Relay electric shock control output220VAC   7A (Resistive load)
Alarm modeThe full range, relay output
supply voltageMain Meter: 50Hz AC90-250V: sub Meter: DC4.5-5.5V (optional with exclusive custom high temperature lithium battery)
work environment-40~70 (100 DEG C, time less than 1 minutes) (RH = 85%, no condensation), non corrosive and occasions without the interference of a strong magnetic field
Power consumption4w
insulation resistanceThe power supply to the relay outputs 1500V/AC one minute; the power supply to the input, the relay to input 500V/AC one minute
Radio transmit powerWireless power: 20dbm, the receiving current 25mA, the maximum emission current 85mA
Implementation standardsThis product is the implementation of the Shanghai enterprise standard Q/SOFM1-2004

Product appearance and installation

Main meter modelB×H(mm)b×h×L(mm)b'×h'(mm)
FLWX-Z -A-0096×9690×90×7391×91
FLWX-Z -D-0072×7267×67×9767.5×67.5
FLWX-Z -null-00160×80152×75×65153×75.5


installation process

    1.Rectangular square hole of the mounting instrument according to the size of the opening of the surface of the disk

    2.When the installation of multiple instruments, the distance between the left and right two holes should be greater than 25mm; the distance between the upper and lower two holes should be greater than 30mm.

  1. The instrument is embedded in the surface of the disk.

  2. Insert mounting bracket in instrument mounting groove

  3. Push the mounting bracket, and the instrument panel and the panel are combined firmly, and tighten the screw.

  4. Cleaned instrument after Power off.Please use a soft cloth or cotton paper clearly display, no hard objec Touching

Instrument installed in the following environment
Atmospheric pressure:86~106Kpa
Ambient temperature:0~50




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