Intelligent Digital PID Temperature Controller

1. Input

Thermocouple(TC),Resistance Temperature Detector(RTD),Standard Current and voltage signals.

2. Accuracy

Measure accuracy


Compensation error of cold termina

±2°C(amend within 0~50°C by soft)
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Sampling period


3. Display


-1999 ~ +1999

Output( OUT1,OUT2) Alarm(Alarm1,Alarm2) Auto setting(AT) Display


4.Control way

Control way 1

Auto Setting Control

Control way 2

PID Control(including ON/OFF, position PID and continuous PID)

5. Controlling output

Currency output

DC 0~10Ma,4~20mA(RL less than 500Ω)

Voltage output

DC 0-5V,1-5V(RL more than 10K)

Relay output

contact capacity 250VA (resistance load)

Voltage Impulse output

0~12V, (suitable for the solid relay SSR)

Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR) output

zero-cross triggering or phase-shift triggering(resistive load)

Capacity of the output contact

250V AC 3A (resistant load)

Alarm output

2 groups output at most,12 modes

6. Setting range

Setting value (SV)

Measured Present Value (PV)

Proportional band (P)

0 ~ whole measured range (when set 0, it's ON/OFF control

Integral time

0~3600 Sec (when the time is 0, the function of integral time closed)

Derivative time

0~ 3600 Sec (when the time is 0, the function of differential time closed)

Proportional term

1~100 Sec

On-off control output hysteretic loop width

1~100 (or other pv units)

 Intelligent Digital PID Temperature Controller

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