High Precision Infrared Thermometer of Microwave Muffle Furnace


Instrument features:

1. HG-WB1601 microwave muffle furnace instrument adopts special industrial grade microwave source to ensure continuous and long-term operation of the equipment.

2. Can achieve ultra-fast temperature rise, and greatly shorten the holding time, the experimental efficiency is doubled.

3. The microwave output power is steplessly adjustable to achieve accurate temperature control curve.

4. Using imported high-precision infrared thermometer to directly measure the sample temperature.

5. Equipped with embedded microcomputer control system, providing manual, automatic, constant temperature three operating modes and free to switch.

6. A variety of original special enamel and insulation structure for selection, no pollution to materials.

7. It can process various materials with different microwave characteristics, and has good versatility.

8. Set the corrosion-resistant exhaust passage to quickly discharge the gas generated during the heating process.

9. Touch screen display and operation, equipped with Windows operating system, can be connected to PC, can set and store multiple temperature control curves.

10. The operation record is automatically stored, compatible with the printer, real-time temperature curve display, to achieve dynamic monitoring of the heating process.

11. Safe and reliable microwave shielding design and multiple anti-leakage protection make your experiment more safe and reliable.


Technical Parameters:

12. Microwave output power 0.2-1.45kW continuously adjustable

13. Continuously adjustable microwave frequency 2.45GHz

14. Maximum operating temperature 1600°C

15. Continuous working temperature 1550°C

16. Temperature measurement method: infrared thermometer, temperature range 250°C - 1650°C

17. The control system is an embedded operating system, large screen touch screen control, providing manual, automatic, constant temperature control mode

18. The process curve can be set and the curve is displayed in real time, and can store data.

19. Can be connected to the printing device.

20. Circulating cooling water flow rate is about 0.8m3/h

21. Circulating cooling water pressure 0.15-0.2MPa

22. Circulating cooling water inlet water temperature 5-30°C

23. The total hardness of circulating cooling water is <60mg/L

24. Rated power: 3.0kW

25. Maximum loading space 140(L) * 140(W) * 60(H) mm

26. Equipment footprint: 1m2

27. Microwave leakage level <2mv/cm2


Application areas:

28. Inorganic powder synthesis:

a. Electronic ceramic powder: barium titanate, barium zirconate titanate

b. Lithium ion battery cathode material: lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate

c. Various color materials, glazes, inorganic pigments

d. Its inorganic powder: trimanganese tetraoxide, lithium niobate, zinc ferrite, trichromatic fluorescent pink powder, glass, cement


29. Electronic ceramic sintering: varistor, thermistor, piezoelectric ceramics, microwave dielectric ceramics

30. Oxide ceramic material sintering: alumina, zirconia, magnesia and other oxide compsites

31. Magnetic material sintering: Ni-Zn ferrite, spin ferrite

32. Calcination and synthesis of powder or granular materials

33. Product sintering

34. Ashing, incineration and burning test.

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