Digital Temperature Controller for Furnace


Product Description

Digital Temperature Controller/Temperature controller regulator

Brief introduction of the Eurotherm programmable temperature controller:
This is a UL Listed advanced process controller from Eurotherm® provide precision control of temperature and a host of other process variables together with an abundance of advanced options making it the most adaptable product in its class. It is suitable for using on the Furnaces (1250-1800C) with SCR & SiC/MoSi2 Heating Elements.

Features of the temperature controller:
· The Eurotherm 3504 Programmable Temperature Controller provides antomitic PID control and Precision PV measurement, yielding consistently high product quality
· Full PID automatic control via TE10A (50A/230V) power controller with phase angle fired, current limiting resistor.
· Up to 10 programs (500 segments) programmable for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time.
· Built-in over temperature alarm and protection allows for operation without attendant.
· +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.
· EIA485 Communication Port is installed ready for PC control.

1: High-precision temperature meter, LCD liquid crystal display, 5-digit value display, simple configuration through quick setup, C/F unit switching.2:50 sets of procedures 500 steps, power off or shutdown, start the program again can be set to start the program from the power off point or starting point, but also has to run, pause, skip, stop, reset and other functions.
3: Standard 3 groups of PID parameters (optional 8 groups of PID parameters), with self-adjusting PID function.
4: Mathematics/logic operation, timer function, alarm function, do mathematical and logic operation functions, such as automatic/manual switching of sensors and infrared sensors, high temperature furnace logic control functions, and related alarm strategies and functions.
5: Recipe function, different products can call different parameters
6: Custom screen function, display current value, set value, output %, program running status and time, etc.
7: Support various communication interfaces Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus, Devicenet, can be integrated with any PLC or host system
8: OEM password function
9: Multilingual Support (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
10: PC version of iTools graphical configuration software to facilitate configuration, monitoring, debugging
11: UL/CE certification

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