50-segment Programmable Temperature PID Controller for chamber muffle furnace


50-segment Programmable Temperature PID Controller for chamber muffle furnace


With functions of AI controller, 50 segment PID programmable controllers are applicable where the given value needs to

 be controlled automatically following certain rules of time. The given increase/decrease slope can be set at will, so as to 

get the capacity of slope heating/cooling or curve heating. With PID control arithmetic and without excessive and 

insufficient adjustment, the reading in and out of all instrument parameters and function of heating power segment limit 

can be realized on upper computers, together with functions including step control, manual/auto switch of no disturb as well as self turning. With 4-digit LED digital display, the measurement value and setting value as well as operation time 

can be displayed at the same time. The control object can be controlled by programming in up to 50 segments of curve, 

each of which adopts PID parameter setting control, making control more precise and reliable.

1.The setting scope for each segment of time is from 1 to 9999 minutes or from 1 to 9999 seconds.

2.With the jumping functions of the 1st to 50th segment of program, the memory and run of several different curves can be realized.

3.With RUN/HOLD function, the time counting starts and the given value changes following the pre-scheduled program

when the program runs and time counting stops and the given value is unchanged when the program holds.

4.The running program segment and remaining time to run this segment can be surveyed during running.

5.With 2-channel event output function, the event output generates under programming. The 2-channel alarm ON/OFF

action can be controlled during program running, so that various external equipments are easy to work in phase or in 


6.With RDY and measurement activation functions, it can automatically resolve the uncertainty to the program caused by inconsistency between measurement value and setting value when starting running.



Overall indexesVoltage of power supply85-265VAC/50-60Hz or 24VDC/AC+10%, -15%
Environment temperature0-55°C
Environment humidity<90%RH
Measurement precision0.2 degree(±0.2%FS ± 1 Number or 0.1°C
Measurement PVInput signalThermocouple: B,S,K,E,T,J
Thermal resistor: Pt100, Cu50
Current: 0-10mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Voltage: 0-60mV, 0-100mV, 0-1V, 0-5V, 1-5V
Resistance: 0-80Ω, 0-400Ω
Input resistanceInput resistance>500kΩ when 0-5V or 1-5V and>10MΩ for signals including thermocouple
Resolution1°C for thermocouple and thermal resistor input, the range is 1/20000 for 0.1°C linear voltage input
Digital filter0 to 40 times can be set (0-20S)
Sampling cycle0.5s
Setting segment SVSetting mode1.On-site operation by buttons; 2.Upper computer through communication interface(lifespan of 1 million read-in)
Setting scope-200 to +3000°C for thermocouple and thermal resistor inputs and -1999 to +9999 for other inputs
Data storageEEPROM being adopted, no data loss when deactivating, 10 years of reliable storage
Automatic adjustment and calculation segmentStep adjustment2-phase style, 3-phase style, 4-phase style and non-sensitive alarm section are supported: 0-200°C or 0-2000°C defined units(linear measurement)
AI adjustmentRetension parameter: 0-9999×0.1°C or 1 defined unit(for linear measurement)
Speed parameter: 1-9999×0.01S°C or 1 defined unit(for linear measurement)
Delay: 0.5-3600s
Self-tuning: (AT) time is at (2 to 3 cycles) after ON/OFF action of a position of given value.
Adjustment output segmentAI adjustment time proportion output1. Solid state relay trigger output: 12V/30mA
2. Zero passage silicon-control output: bidirectional or double signal SCR anti-correlation below 500A can be directly triggered.
3. Non-contact normally open ON/OFF output: 100V TO 240VAC/0.2A, instant maximum: 2A
4.Relay ON/OFF output: 250VAC/2A, normally open + normally close. Control cycle: settable between 0.5 and 120s.
Continuous current outputLoaded resistance ≥ 1KΩ when 0 to 10mA and ≥ 500Ω when 4 to 20 mA
Continuous voltage outputLoaded resistance ≤ 250Ω when 0 to 5V and ≤ 250Ω when 1 to 5V
Alarm output segmentAlarm modeMaximum alarm, minimum alarm, plus deviation alarm
Non-sensitive alarm section0.0 to 200°C or 0 to 2000 defined units(for linear measurement)
Baud rate1200-19200bps
Data format1 start bit, 8-digit data, 1 or 2 end bit
Check mode16-digit summing check
Transmission outputOutput typeRandomly specified wuthin the scope from 0 to 22 mA when 0 to 10mA or 4 to 20mA
Maximum output voltage≥ 10.5V
Transmission precision0.3%FS
Feedback outputOutput specification5V,10V,12V,24V is optional.
Maximum current50mA

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