2018 New PID temperature controller for electric furnace


 Temperature Controller For Electric Furnace

Accurate Temperature Controller

  • 0.3% FS Accuracy

  • 24 Alarm types

Logical Wiring Design

Single / Double sides wiring 

Save space

Strong Anti-interference Ability

Through 4000V lightning surge and 1800V high frequency noise test.



Product Uses

With thermostat timing function

when it reach soaking time, it will turn off the output automatically

Support Three-phase solid state output

Support logical level output, used to controller single-way SCR, or Three-phase solid state

RS485 communication function

Use RS485 protocol constitute LAN , computer supervisory control, save human cost.



·     Upper Display(PV)

Display measure value

Display symbols according to controller status

·     Lower Display(SV)

Display set value

Display parameter value according to controller status

·     Indicators

OUT1: Heat indicator

OUT2: Cool indicator

AL1/ALM: Alarm indicator

AL2: Alarm2 indicator

INFO: Alarm information indicator

·     Function key(SET)

Enter main menu/submenu

Modify parameter & confirm

·     Minus()

Value minus

Enter autotune

Menu/parameter shift

·     Plus()

Value plus

Enter manual mode

Menu/parameter shift

·     INFO key

Enter to check information status

Power Supply voltage

Linear Power Supply : 110 to 240 VAC , 50/60Hz

Switch Power Supply : 85 to 265 VAC , 50/60Hz

Operating voltage range

90% to 110% of rated supply voltage

Power consumption

Models with 85 to 265 VAC , 5VA max

Sensor input

Temperature input Thermocouple : K, E, J, S, B, N, R, T, W3-25, W5-26

Platinum resistance thermometer:Pt100, Cu50

Current input : 4 to 20 mA , 0 to 20mA , 0 to 10mA

Voltage input : 1 to 5 V , 0 to 5 V , O to 10V 

Input impedance

Current input : 150 Ω max, Voltage input : 1MΩ min.

Control method 

ON/OFF control , 1-PID control , 2-PID control (with auto-tuning) 

Setting method

Digital setting using front panel keys

Remote SP input *

Current input: 4 to 20 mA DC; 0 to 20mA DC (input impedance:150Ω max)

Voltage input: 1 to 5V, 0 to 5V , 0 to 10V (input impedance: 1MΩ min)

Ambient operating temperature

0 to 50°C , For 2 year warranty

Ambient operating humidity

35% to 85% (no condensation)

Storage temperature

-25 to 65°C (with no condensation or icing)


2,000m max

Installation environment

Installation Category II , Pollution Degree 2


Family Model


1.     Panel size

A: 48*48     B: 48*96     C: 96*48     D: 72*72     E: 96*96    F: 160*80

2.     Input signal

T: Universal input           A: Analog input

3.     Power supply

L: Linear power supply

S: Switch power supply

4.     Main output

1: Relay                                                                          2: SSR

3: Analog output                                                            4: SCR phase shift / zero cross output

5: Three-Phase Zero-Cross Trigger (without midline)   6: Three-Phase Zero-cross Trigger(with midline)

7: Three-Phase Phase-Shift Trigger (without midline)   8: Three-Phase Phase-Shift Trigger(with midline)

M: Three-Phase phase-Shift Trigger (without midline)   N: Three-Phase Phase-Shift Half-Control(without midline)

5.     Alarm output

0: no alarm     1: 1 relay alarm output     2: 2 relay alarm output

3: 1 logic level alarm output and 1 relay alarm output

4: 1 logic level alarm output               5: 2 logic level alarm output

6: one relay alarm output(NO, NC) wiring detail in the label

6.     Strengthened function

0: No strengthened function               1: RS485 communication

7.     Function code

       For customized product only

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