Zirconia sintering furnace


Zirconia sintering furnace

Product name: Zirconia sintering furnace
Common use temperature: Less than 1650℃
The maximum temperature: 1730℃
The furnace temperature uniformity: Lest than +/-3℃
Temperature control accuracy: +/-1℃
The heating rate: 0-40℃/min. It can rise to 1500 degrees from the room temperature within 40 minutes.
Heating element: Six high-purity molybdenum rods, evenly distributed around.
Furnace effective size: 110*120mm diameter
Power: 3KW
Power supply: 220V 50HZ/60HZ
Programmable Number: 40
Product Dimension: 400*500*850mm
Product Net Weight: 74KG



Main features:                                                                                                         
Features of dental zirconia sintering furnace dental equipment for heating:
1.Furnace temperature is uniform at high temperature.
2.Three layer of crucible can be sintered.
3.Use new ring-type transformers,with light weight,good stability and long life
4.PID intelligent temperature control,high accuracy of temperature control.
5.High-performance motor and belt,running stably,low noise,long life.
6.Effective insulators ensure the uniformity of temperature.
7.Pure molybdenum silicon rods,no pollution.
8.Splicing type of hearth design with long life.
9.Large colorful LCD touch screen,simple operation.
10.Power off memory,can start from any program or any curve.

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