Vacuum induction furnace tungsten carbide B4C sintering furnace

Rvs-d series vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace is mainly used for base stainless steel, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, high proportion alloy, cermet, magnetic material, carbide, boride, oxide and intermetallic compound, oxide absorbent sintering in vacuum or carrier gas and high temperature sintering.

Continuous and sintering processes can be realized in the same furnace. With the degreasing and sintering of the furnace, the product is exempted from repeated movement, heating and cooling, which improves the product quality, shortens the production cycle and improves the production efficiency.

Vacuum induction furnace tungsten carbide B4C sintering furnace



Vacuum sintering furnace

sintering process, debinding, dewaxing



Ultimate vacuum

Custom made

Pressure rising rate


Max temperature

Custom made

Temperature uniformity

±3℃ / ±5℃

Heating power

Custom made

Temperature control method

Intelligent programmable temp controller

Control method

PLC auto/manual interlock protection

Max gas charging pressure (absolute pressure)

Custom made


Rated Power(kw)


Rated Voltage(V)


Rated Heating Voltage(V)

According to the design and configuration to set fore-furnace transformer

Ultimate Vacuum(Pa)

≤0.67(empty furnace and cooling state) 

Vacuum Pressure Increasing Rate(Pa/24h)


Working Zone(mm)

(width× height× length)

300×300×500, 400x400x600, 600x600x900

OEM products are acceptable

Temperature Control System Configuration

 intelligence temperature control unit,

adjustable PID operation module

The Vacuum System Configuration

rotary-vane vaccum pump and roots vacuum pump

Degreasing System Configuration

water ring pump

According to customer’s demand, we can update the configuration.

1. We can match a built-in fast cooling system,

2. PLC and touch screen graphics operation (touch screen)control system can be matched. 

3. According to the requirements of vacuum pump to add oil diffuser pump, the ultra vacuum degree can reach 

6.7×10-4 Pa

4.We can use a special designed and selected heating element and heating insulation, the temperature can reach 


5. We can match a micro negative sintering system.

6. We can equip with a steam degreasing system.

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