Tunnel enamel sintering furnace


RSD series tunnel enamel sintering furnace is an energy saving continuous operation type industrial electric furnace, mainly for the enamel industry sintering, enamel decorative plate, bathtub, gas stove panel and other large enamel products. The whole fiber energy-saving compound lining is adopted, the temperature is controlled by microcomputer program with high precision and even temperature in nine areas, and the opening size of double furnace door can be adjusted automatically. Energy-saving effect, furnace temperature uniformity, production efficiency and imported similar equipment is completely consistent.

Tunnel enamel sintering furnace

Brief Introduction of structure:

Tunnel enamel furnace shell composed of steel plate and steel welding, furnace body is made from steel mill welding rectangular, roof can be installed above the light hanging conveyor line, sintering furnace two each have two back to back door, the workpiece through the oven door can be divided to the utmost, open width can be regulated according to workpiece width size, lining material using 0.6 g/cm3 high-strength lightweight energy-saving beads refractory insulation brick, furnace lining to the furnace shell sandwich place long aluminum silicate fiber blanket insulation, roof, door all made refractory insulation aluminum silicate fiber material.

This enamelware sintering furnace lining is made of whole fiber, is an energy saving sintering furnace, by 9 microcomputer automatic temperature control electric cabinet divided into 9 zones temperature control, so that the temperature uniformity of electric furnace greatly improved, temperature precision precision ±1℃. Each temperature control electric cabinet equipped with six sets of thyristor as a non-contact actuators, three pieces of voltmeter display each phase voltage, three pieces of ammeter display each phase current resistance wire, the other with all sorts of over-voltage, over-current protection and cooling system, when any root resistance wire failure occurs, instrument and lamp shell directly displayed, each electric cabinet has overtemperature alarm function, and is equipped with XWGJ garden figure in the electronic potentiometer, automatic temperature recording process.

Technical parameters:

Parameter nameCompanymodel
Rated powerKW400420500
Rated voltageV380
Number of phasesmutually3
maximum temperature900
working temperature850
chamber of a stove or furnace
Temperature rise time of empty furnaceh3
control accuracy±1
Temperature control sectionarea9
Furnace temperature uniformity±5-8
longmm132005600Ring 18460

* We can design and manufacture all kinds of tunnel enamel sintering furnace with different furnace sizes and specifications.

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