High Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering Furnace

high vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace, vacuum system, pressure system and electrical control system. Double water cooling structure is adopted for furnace cover, furnace and bottom. The surface temperature of furnace shell is lower than 50 ° C. The temperature is measured by thermocouple at low temperature and infrared instrument at high temperature. The vacuum system adopts two-stage or three-stage pump.

Main purpose:

Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is a combination of vacuum / atmosphere, hot pressing and high temperature sintering, which is suitable for high temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics. It is suitable for the vacuum sintering of transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics and other metals such as refractory metal alloy materials, high temperature sintered silicon carbide and silicon nitride ceramic materials. It can be used for the heat treatment of powder or dense shape at high temperature, which is lower than the melting point. The aim is to improve the strength of particles by metallurgical bonding.

Vacuum hot pressing furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace door, heating and heat preservation and temperature measurement system, vacuum system, air charging system, water cooling system, control system, hydraulic system, etc.


1. Furnace body: double-layer 304 stainless steel water-cooled structure, precision polishing, which is conducive to shortening the extraction time and easy to clean;

2. Furnace cover: double-layer water-cooled structure, with 304 inner and outer walls and precision polishing treatment, and cooling water in the middle.

3. Heating, heat preservation and temperature measurement system: the heating system uses graphite cylinder heater, which not only ensures the best temperature uniformity and uniform heat, but also facilitates the maintenance and replacement of heating elements. The heat insulation screen at the side and bottom is made of a composite heat insulation layer composed of hard felt and soft felt, which is processed into a whole heat insulation system. The machine adopts SCR to control the temperature, equipped with PID function instrument, digital display meter, overtemperature sound light alarm function. It can also select PLC touch screen to realize automatic control, and retain historical data to facilitate analysis of sintering process.

4. Vacuum system: it consists of oil diffusion pump, roots pump, mechanical pump equipped with electromagnetic differential pressure valve (to prevent sudden power failure and mechanical pump oil pouring), oil filling valve, vent valve, vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum pressure composition specification (PA), bellows, vacuum pipeline and bracket, etc

5. Inflation system: it is composed of various pipes and valves, equipped with electromagnetic vent valve and pressure sensor. When the pressure in the furnace is higher than the safety value, it will automatically discharge the gas. The needle valve is installed on the gas pipe, which can control the gas filling volume, and is used to fill argon and nitrogen in the atmosphere required by the sintering process.

Technical Specifications

Working chamber size

160*160mm (Dia*Height)

Furnace type

Vertical type( also could be Horizontal type,optional)

Temperature control

One zone

Max. temperature

2400 oC

Working temperature

2200 oC

Pressure head

High purity carbon graphite dia100mm (Bearing pressure not more than 63MPa)

Max. travel distance

100mm (Single-track pressing from bottom)

Accuracy of travelling


Max. pressure

0--20T (Adjustable pressure by handle and automatic freely, and the fluctuation of pressure is less than 0.05MPa)

Ultimate vacuum


Working vacuum


Vacuum leakage rate

Less than 0.67 Pa/h

Vacuum system

Monoblock vacuum pump, roots pump, 50 Pneumatic valve and bellows

Electric control

The chain function of overheating, over pressure, low water pressure and over gas pressure can be achieved in all sorts of electric element.

Temperature controlling

50 steps Programmable auto-control.
     Low temperature thermocouple is tungsten-rhenium thermocouple.
     High temperature thermocouple is Infrared temperature instrument.

The panel display and electric chain

Current, voltage, temperature, vacuum, water pressure display, electric chain, different circuit branch recycle cooling water and sound-light alarming.

Heating element

Carbon graphite

Insulation material

Carbon graphite hard felt + graphite soft felt (The hard felt mainly used for refractory layer after 2600ºC treatment, and soft felt mainly used in insulation layer after 1800ºC treatment, both of them working together as the insulation material)

Filling gas

Protective gas such as Argon, Nitrogen and other inert gas.

Filling gas pressure

≤0.05MPa (Micro-positive pressure, auto-adjustable outlet gas when over pressure)

Furnace structure

Side open door, inner body layer is 304 stainless steel, outer layer is 304 stainless steel

Water cooling

Water cooling chiller,15KW

Rated power


Rated voltage

380V  3P

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