universal digital multifunctional hardness tester


The automatic turret type micro hardness tester is a high-tech product of opto-mechatronics. The hardness tester is novel in design, has good reliability, operability and repeatability, and is an ideal product for testing micro hardness. The machine uses C language programming, high-magnification optical measurement system and optical dual-channel structure, photoelectric, photo coupler and other new technologies. Through the key operation, the length of the measurement indentation can be entered on the key, the hardness value can be displayed on the LCD screen, the conversion scale, the test force, the test force holding time and the number of measurements.


1. Iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, metal foils, hard alloys, metal sheets, microstructures;

2. Carburizing, Nitriding and Decarburization Layers, Surface Hardening Layers, Plating, Coatings;

3. Glass, wafers, ceramic materials;

Technical Parameters:

Parameter name

Parameter data

Micro hardness scale



Holding time (seconds), hardness value

Test force (gf)


Loading control

Automatic (load/hold/uninstall)

Test force retention time (s)

5 to 60

Test force selection

External selector knob, test force is automatically displayed on the LCD screen

Objective magnification

10×, 40×

Optical channel

Dual light channels (eyepieces and CCD camera channels)

Optical system

1. Automatic digital encoder;
2. The total magnification (μm): 100 × (observation), 400 × (measurement);
3. Measuring range (μm): 200;
4. Resolution (μm): 0.01

Hardness measurement range

(5-3000) HV

XY test platform

Size (mm): 100×100
Travel range (mm): 25×25
Minimum reading (mm): 0.01

Maximum height of specimen (mm)


Maximum width of specimen (mm)

85 (distance from the center line of the indenter to the wall)



Weight (kg)




Standard configuration:

1. Host ( Micro Vickers indenter  x1, 10x objective x1, 40x objective x1)

2. Test platform, weight, microscope accessory box;

3.Weights x6

4.Weight bar x1

5.Cross table x1

6.Sheet clamping table x1

7.Flat mouth clamping table x1

8.Filament holding table x1

9.Level meter x1

10.Screwdriver x2

11.Horizontal adjustment screws x4

12.External power cord x1

13.10× Digital Micrometer Eyepieces x1

14.Micro Vickers hardness block x2 (HV1, HV0.2  x1 for each )

15.Fuses (1 A) x2

16.Product certification x1

17.Product Instruction Manual x1

18.Dust cover x1


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