Shyc80a digital display shore a hardness tester

Functional features

● shyc80a meets the requirements of measurement and verification regulation jjg304 dynamometer method of 80MN

● simple operation, easy to carry, beautiful shape, metal shell

● it has the function of test time selection, which meets the time requirements of GB531 standard

● simple connection with fixed load frame, high-precision stability measurement

● Shyc80a digital display shore a hardness tester is mainly used for the hardness tester of plastics, synthetic rubber and other related chemical products

● USB universal charging socket

Shyc80a digital display shore a hardness tester

Scope of application

The instrument series is digital display shore hardness tester, which has the advantages of accurate measurement value, simple operation, convenient carrying, beautiful shape, etc. It is applicable to the hardness measurement of plastic (such as film, medical appliance, etc.), synthetic rubber (such as seal, tire, rubber roller, rubber tube / belt, wire and cable, shock absorber, etc.) and other related chemical products, and it is a digital display shore hardness tester meeting the verification regulations.

technical parameter

Model shyc80a

Measuring range 0-100ha

Measurement error ≤ 1ha

Resolution 0.1ha

Power supply 3.6V rechargeable battery

Working temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃

Overall dimension 130 × 55 × 42 (mm)

Weight 271g

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