Hln200 Leeb hardness tester

Main features:

Menu operation, large screen display, convenient and intuitive;

Press key and touch screen operate in parallel;

Display hardness automatic conversion;

Large capacity rechargeable battery;

Printing hardness test results with random printer;

It is widely used in the quality control of the production site and has strong adaptability to the working environment.

Hln200 Leeb hardness tester

Application scope:

Large, heavy work pieces or permanent parts installed;

The hardness measurement of the parts that are not easy to be measured by a bench hardness tester or in a narrow space;

Measure the Leeb hardness of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Main technical specifications:

Measurement range: 170-960hl

Measurement direction: any direction

Can be converted into: HRC, HRB, Hb, HV, HSD and strength

LCD display: 3.9 inch 240 * 320 graphic lattice LCD display (with touch screen)

Data storage: 800 groups

Upper and lower limit setting range: the same as the measurement range

Working voltage: 3.7V (lithium-ion rechargeable battery)

Charging time: 4-8 hours

Continuous working time of one charge: about 30 hours (without backlight)

Boundary dimension: 180mm * 90mm * 30MM

Weight: 350g (including impact device)

Thermal printer: (optional)

Charging power: DC12V / 1A

Standard equipment:

Connection of impact device (plug socket made in Switzerland): 1 small support ring: 1

Punching machine: 1 nylon brush: 1 standard Leeb hardness block: 1

Micro thermal printer (optional): 1

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