Brinell sclerometer hardness tester for metal material testing

The digital display Braud hardness tester has novel appearance, complete functions, convenient operation, clear and intuitive display and stable performance. It is a high-tech product that integrates light, machinery and electricity. It can perform three tests: Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers. The method test is a multifunctional hardness tester with thirteen levels of testing power, which can meet various hardness test requirements. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, simple operation, high sensitivity, convenient use and stable value. Equipped with built-in printer and optional RS232 data line, connected to the computer through HyperTerminal to export the measurement report. The electronic closed-loop loading system does not need to install weights, and uses a large LCD touch screen display interface. The display screen is rich in content and easy to operate.

Main features of the instrument

1. Large LCD touch screen display interface, rich display content, easy to operate;

2. The three test methods of Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers, 13 test forces, can meet various hardness test requirements.

3. The hardness values of each scale are automatically converted.

4. Electronic closed-loop control is applied to test force; automatic application and removal of test force, direct display of hardness value;

5. Equipped with built-in micro printer, RS232 data line can be selected to connect the computer through the terminal and output measurement report.

6. Once the shell is cast, the structure is stable and not deformed, and it can work in relatively harsh environment.

7. The surface is treated with automobile paint, which has strong scratching ability and is still novel for many years.

8. Use high-definition optical system to make observation clearer and reduce errors.

Product number


Brinell ruler

HBW2.5/15.625 HBW2.5/31.25 HBW2.5/62.5 HBW5/125 HBW2.5/187.5

Rockwell ruler


Vickers ruler


Test force

Rockwell test force: 60,100,150Kgf(588,980,1471N)

Brinell test force:15.625,31.25,62.5,125,187.5Kgf(153.2,306.5,612.9,1226,1839N)

Vickers test force:5,10,20,30,50,100Kgf(49.03,98.07,196.1,294.2,490.3,980.7N)

Maximum height of test piece

Rockwell 180mmVickers Brinell 165mm

Indenter - outside wall distance


Hardness test range

Rockwell:20-88HRA,20-100HRB,20-70HRC Brinell:5-650HBW Vickers:10-3000HV

Hardness reading

Automatic calculation

Power supply




Weight of host

About 100kg

Brinell sclerometer hardness tester for metal material testing

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