heat resistance cable carbon fiber heating wire

Product Description

Production Information

Product Name: Carbon fiber heating wire

Heating material: Imports of carbon fiber heating wire

Skin material:PTFE/Silica gel

Product outside diameter: PTFE 1.4MM~3MM

Silica gel 2MM-4MM(Specifications different out diameter).

1.K represents the meaning of thousands?

1K is a thousand silk, 24K is 24 thousands silk(24000) composition
Different K numbers represent different resistors!

2.The difference between silica gel and PTFE

PTFE carbon fiber heating wire

Advantages:Wear, corrosion resistance, so smell
Disadvantages: Relative to the silicone are not soft

Silicone carbon fiber heating wire

Advantages:Resistant to bending, soft
Disadvantages: there is smell

3.what is the resistance per meter?

1K=400 Ohm/m 2K=220 Ohm/m 3K=133 Ohm/m
6K=74 Ohm/m 9K=43 Ohm/m 12K=33 Ohm/m
15K=24 Ohm/m 18K=21 Ohm/m 24K=17 Ohm/m
36K=12 Ohm/m 48K=9 Ohm/m

How to calculate power

Product power calculation:
The longer the length, the smaller the power of the heating line

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