Cr15ni60 Resistance Heating Wire

Cr15ni60 resistance heating wire has excellent corrosion resistance and excellent performance. Suitable for high temperature operation. Suitable for high temperature heating system and resistor. Cr15ni60 resistance heating wire has good ductility and excellent weldability after use.


Common name: Cr20Ni80, Chrome a, nikrothal 80, N8, nickel V, hai-nicr80, Tophet a, resistance 80, cronix 80, protoloy, nikrothal 8, alloy a, mws-650, stabrohm 650

Alloy Nomenclature PerformanceCr20Ni80Cr30Ni70Cr15Ni60Cr20Ni35Cr20Ni30
Main Chemical compositionNiRestRest55.0-61.034.0-37.030.0-34.0
Max. continuous service temp. of element(ºC)12001250115011001100
Resistivity at 20ºC (μΩ·m)
Thermal conductivity (KJ/m·h·ºC)60.345.245.243.843.8
Coefficient of lines expansion(α×10-6/ºC)
Melting point approx.( ºC)14001380139013901390
Elongation at rupture(%)>20>20>20>20>20
Micrographic structureausteniteausteniteausteniteausteniteaustenite
Magnetic propertiesnonmagneticnonmagneticWeak magneticWeak magneticWeak magnetic

Cr15ni60 Resistance Heating Wire Application:

1. Electric heating elements widely used in household appliances and industrial furnaces

2. Electrical industry

3. Ironing machine, water heater, plastic mold, soldering iron, metal sleeve piece, ink cartridge element

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