Nickel-chromium resistance band

The electrothermal alloy ni-Cr resistance band is machined with high and stable resistivity.

Nickel-chromium resistance band

Product Description:

Electrothermal alloy ni-Cr resistance belt has high and stable resistivity, corrosion resistance, good surface oxidation resistance, good strength at high temperature, good machining performance and weldability.

Ni-cr resistance belt materials: Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, Cr20Ni35, Cr20Ni30, Cr25Ni20, mainly in accordance with GB/T1234-95, line diameter: 1.0-10.0mm.

Electrothermal alloy for your ni-Cr resistance belt price quotation, details contact online customer service. The ni-Cr resistance belt is wound and formed by the automatic winding machine, which can be wound into 1KW -- 160KW electric furnace bars, including straight bars, double bars, three bars, up to 20 bars, and pickling to white, mainly used for export.

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