Powder metallurgy reduction furnace

Powder metallurgy reduction furnace USES:

The mesh belt furnace is used for mass production of iron powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder and calcination and reduction of cobalt oxalate, APT and other metal salts.

Powder metallurgy reduction furnace

Powder metallurgy reduction furnace features:

1. Large output and good quality:

The powder is directly distributed on the steel belt to effectively utilize the space in the furnace.

Material uniform through the heating zone, temperature, belt speed and other process adjustment is simple and convenient;

2 low energy consumption:

Full fiber needling blanket module, good heat insulation effect, low energy storage, small heat loss;

3 long service life of furnace tube:

The furnace tube is equipped with a prestressing device, and the bottom of the furnace tube is supported by a silicon carbide plate with high strength, small friction coefficient and high temperature resistance, so as to ensure that the metal furnace tube is flat and evenly heated at high temperature and thus able to expand and deform smoothly. The service life table of similar products is increased by 1.3 times.

4. High degree of automation:

Fully automatic temperature and motion control, complete alarm and lockout protection.

Powder metallurgy reduction furnace structure:

The whole equipment is composed of charging section, reducing section, slow cooling section, cooling section, discharging section and electric control system.

The loading section includes the loading platform, the entrance muffle, and the loading platform is equipped with a small loading wagon that can move with the steel belt to ensure that the materials are evenly arranged on the steel belt.

The furnace lining in the reducing section adopts super energy saving structure: the insulation layer on the furnace cover adopts full-fiber needle-punched blanket module, which is anchored on the steel plate of the furnace cover by special method (commonly known as the suspended roof structure). This kind of structure has many advantages such as good heat insulation effect, low energy storage, small heat loss, good thermal shock, convenient maintenance and so on. The service life of furnace lining is greatly improved. The parameters of loss power, wall temperature rise and uniformity of furnace temperature are better than the national standard.

Muffle adopts heat-resistant stainless steel plate to be bent into corrugated shape and welded. According to the principle of high-temperature mechanics, it adopts special reinforced structure with SiC plate at the bottom to adapt to thermal expansion. At the same time, it is equipped with prestressing device to greatly improve the service life.

The inlet and outlet adopts roller seal or gas curtain or fiber curtain seal, which has good sealing performance and small gas consumption.

Transmission device and multi-stage tensioning device, the running speed of the steel belt through the inverter stepless speed regulation, direct display running speed.

The heating temperature control instrument adopts the intelligent temperature control instrument of SHIMA company in Japan. The instrument is equipped with self-adjusting and standard PID operation module, which can effectively prevent temperature overshoot. Meanwhile, the instrument can carry out function selection, configuration and parameter setting, and display the set value and actual value in a digital way. The main heating adopts SCR series combined three-phase thyristor power controller, which adopts continuous non-on-off type. It is not the traditional electrical on-off type in control, but the heating power is continuously and automatically adjusted according to the requirements of temperature control. High precision for high power temperature control, no noise, no interference to the internal power grid.

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