Hydrogen-Nitrogen Mixed Gas Reduction CVD Furnace

1700 ° C hydrogen reduction CVD furnace can be used for vacuumizing and filling atmosphere, so it is also called vacuum tube furnace and atmosphere tube furnace.

The tube is made of seamless high-purity alumina with a maximum operating temperature of 1650 ° C. In order to meet the test requirements of introducing hydrogen, the tube furnace is equipped with a manual ignition device at the right end of the furnace tube to ensure the safety of the test; the left side of the furnace tube is equipped with a vacuum gauge and a barometer to control the vacuum and atmosphere inside the furnace tube. The interlock of the solenoid valve with the pressure sensor and the combustible gas detection device ensures the further safety of the test.

The system also includes a two-channel rotameter with stainless steel needle valve and an air pressure gauge to accurately mix the gas meeting the test requirements. Usually, this set of instrument is used with two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump to realize the general low vacuum test environment. If you need a higher vacuum, you can contact our technicians to choose a more powerful molecular pump.

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hydrogen reduction CVD furnace  Application scope:

This equipment is widely used in material or chemical laboratory to sinter various new material samples under the condition of hydrogen or hydrogen nitrogen mixture.

Technical parameters of hydrogen reducing CVD furnace

Vacuum tube furnace

Max power


Tube material

High purity alumina

Tube diameter


Tube length


Furnace chamber length


Heating zone   length


Constant   temperature zone


Operating   temperature


Temperature   control accuracy


Temperature   control mode

30 or 50 segment program temperature control

Display mode


Sealing method

304 stainless steel vacuum flange

Flange interface

1/4" ferrule connector, KF16/25/40 joint



Power supply

AC:220V   50/60Hz

Ignition device

Manual ignition

Gas supply system



Gas channel


Measuring unit

Gas float flowmeter

Measuring range

A channel: 0~100ml  H2 gas

Remarks: If you need other ranges or gas types, you need to specify when ordering.

B channel:   16~160ml    N2 gas

measurement   accuracy


Pipe pressure resistance


Working pressure difference


Connecting   pipe

304 stainless steel

Gas channel

304 stainless steel needle valve

Interface   specification

1/4" ferrule connector for gas inlet and outlet

Exhaust system

Mechanical pump

Rotary vane pump

Pumping rate


Exhaust interface


Vacuum   measurement

Resistance gauge

Ultimate vacuum


Power supply

AC:220V   50/60Hz

Pumping   interface


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