High Temperature Hydrogen Reduction Vacuum Brazing Furnace

High Temperature Hydrogen Reduction Vacuum Brazing Furnace Application:

HiQ series vacuum high temperature brazing furnace is mainly used for vacuum brazing of stainless steel, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, cemented carbide and non-ferrous metals.

High Temperature Hydrogen Reduction Vacuum Brazing Furnace Features:

1. Adopt external circulation cooling mode, heating and cooling are separated.

2. All metal plate is used for heat preservation to ensure the high vacuum required by the workpiece during brazing.

3. Multi zone temperature control heating is adopted to ensure perfect temperature uniformity in the temperature zone.

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Optional configuration:

1. Furnace type selection: horizontal furnace / vertical furnace;

2. Heating mode: resistance heating / induction heating;

3. Heating element selection: tungsten / isostatic graphite;

4. Selection of heat insulation for heating chamber: (W + Mo + stainless steel) / (composite carbon felt + cushion);

5. Temperature selection: 2000 ° C / 2400 ° C;

5 shells: all carbon steel / stainless steel liner / all stainless steel;

6. Vacuum pump: foreign brand / Chinese brand;

7. Operation panel: touch screen / industrial computer;

8. Temperature controller: Shima den / Europe;

9. Vacuum degree selection: 3.0 * 10-1pa / 2.0 * 10-3pa;





Max. temperature




Working temperature




Temperature accuracy


Heating rate


 0 -20C/min


standard chamber size

the chamber size is customized.
     150*150*150mm ; 200*200*200mm; 300*300*300mm ;
     400*400*400mm ; 500*500*500mm

Temperature control

Digital 50 segments programmable  

Max. vacuum level


Heating element




Refractory material

stainless steel + molybdenum sheet+tungsten sheet

Thermal couple

W-Re thermocouple
      infared temperature instrument

W-Re thermocouple
      infared temperature instrument

 B type

Working voltage

AC 110-480V 50-60Hz  


12 month (exclusive wearing part)  

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