Stainless Steel Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge


Stainless Steel Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge


Model: (All SS Pressure Gauge)

Size: 1.5", 2", 2.5",  4", 6"  

Pressure range: 15 to 15,000psi, Vacuum, and compound  

Socket: 316SS LM, CBM, or LBM, two-piece style 

Connection thread: NPT , BSP, BSPT, PT, ZG, and other special specification

Tube: Heavy-duty 316L 

Socket: Heavy-duty 316 stainless steel 

 Liquid: Glycerin or silicone oil  fillable; also  without liquid 

Case: 304 stainless steel 

Bezel: Crimped-on SS bezel 

Window (Lens): Polycarbonate, and safety glass lens  

Dial plate: Single and dual scale (psi, kpa, mpa, bar, kg/cm2)  

Accuracy: '+/- 3/2/3% (ASME B40.1 Grade B); +/-1% (ASME B40.1 Grade 1A) 

Bracket: U-clamp & SS front, back flange  

Ambient temperature: Glycerin filled: '-20 to 60 ℃; siliconee filled: '-40 to 60 ℃ 


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