Sc-430mc widescreen color screen paperless recorder

The product description

Sc-430mc widescreen color screen paperless recorder is a secondary instrument that displays and records parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate and liquid level in the field. It adopts high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor and 7-inch widescreen, 480×240 dot matrix TFT color LCD, and can control or adjust other instruments through widescreen color paperless recorder.

Sc-430mc widescreen color screen paperless recorder

Sc-430mc wide-screen color paperless recorder has 12 input functions, including 8 universal analog inputs, 4 current inputs, 4 analog transmitters or control outputs, 6 alarm outputs, and 100mA power distribution outputs, which can realize signal acquisition, display, processing, recording, integrating, alarm, and power distribution. MR4300 adopts Chinese operation interface to realize humanized operation. Rs-232c /RS-485 communication interface can realize remote monitoring; Built-in 32MB NAND FLASH as the storage medium of historical data, data can be transferred by U disk.

Applicable to metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, building materials, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, heat treatment and water treatment and other industrial sites.

Widescreen color paperless recorder technical parameters:

1. Input signals: many 8-channel universal signal input, 4-channel current input, isolation voltage between channels greater than 250VAC, isolation voltage between channels and ground greater than 500VAC, full isolation type.

2. Electrostatic discharge immunity: level 3; The immunity of electric fast transient pulse group: level 3; Surge (impact) immunity: level 3.

3. Signal type: Standard signal: (0 ~ 10)mA, (4 ~ 20)mA, (0 ~ 5)V, (1 ~ 5)V, (-10 ~ 10)V;

Millivolt signals :(0 ~ 20)mV, (0 ~ 100)mV;

Thermocouple: B, E, J, K, S, T, WRE5-26, R, N;

Thermal resistance signal: Pt100, Cu50, JPt100; Customize the signal type.

4. Analog output: 4-channel analog transmitter or control output.

5. Record interval: user-defined; If the recording interval is set to 1 second, 12 channels can record a short time of 12 days.

6. Sampling period: 1 second.

7. Accuracy level: 0.2.

8. Storage capacity: internal Flash storage capacity 32MB.

9. Storage mode: File storage mode. Changing the record interval will not change the historical record.

10. Power distribution: Rated voltage 24VDC, good large current 100mA, isolated current limiting output.

11. Alarm output: many 6-channel, 250VAC 3A relay normally open contacts.

12. Communication interface: RS-232C and isolation RS-485 interface, communication baud rate 1200, 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200BPS optional.

13. Power supply: AC: 220VAC±10%; Frequency range: 50Hz±5%; Big power consumption: 30VA.

14. Working conditions: Working temperature: (0 ~ 50)℃;

Wetness :(10 ~ 85)%(no condensation);

Transportation and storage temperature :(-20 ~ 60)℃;

Wetness :(5 ~ 95)%(no condensation).

15. Inch: External dimension: 180mm×144mm×104mm; Opening size: 137mm×137mm.

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