Portable paperless recorder 6000

The product description

Portable paperless recorder 6000

Parameters of 6000 portable paperless recorder:

1. Introduction of portable paperless recorder

6000 16 - channel universal input recorder. Can input standard current, standard voltage, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals. With sensor isolation distribution output, relay alarm output, flow integration, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data transfer, printing and remote communication functions.

2. Functional characteristics

◆ 5.4-inch blue dot matrix graphics LCD, CCFL backlight, rich picture, large information;

◆ High-speed and high-performance microprocessor can realize the detection, recording, display and alarm of 12 signals at the same time;

◆ Large-capacity FLASH FLASH chip is used to store historical data, which will never be lost when power is lost;

◆ Fully isolated universal input, can input a variety of signals, no need to change the hardware, through software configuration can be.

◆ The quantity of work shows a wide range of values, which can display 5-digit values: -9999~19999;

◆ Chinese menu configuration, display bit number, engineering unit. The software password lock ensures the safety of user configuration.

◆ Alarm display, simultaneously indicating the lower limit, lower limit, upper limit and upper limit of each channel alarm information;

◆ Use CF card to transfer and backup historical records;

◆ Standard serial communication interface for portable paperless recorder: RS-D485

◆ Modbus communication protocol. In addition to support the company's PG2000 real-time monitoring software, also support iFIX, kingview, DYGS and other popular professional configuration software.

◆ Micro-printer can be connected externally to meet the needs of users for on-site printing;

◆ Integrated hardware real-time clock, the clock can run accurately even when power is lost.

◆ New switching power supply, 85VAC ~ 265VAC range of normal operation;

◆ Provide transmitter +24VDC isolation distribution.

◆ Metal case, allowed in harsh environments

A portable paperless recorder for use in an environment

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 50℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%RH

Avoid strong corrosive gases

Power supply: 220VAC±10%? 50 hz plus or minus 2 hz

The installation

Instrument size: 144×144×250mm

Opening size: 138×138mm

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