Linear drying time recorder

Product introduction

The Gzy-i linear drying time recorder has a period of one year from the date of official delivery. Exquisite technology, high control precision, small volume, light weight, easy to carry, excellent performance, good reliability, wide range of use, simple operation, fully meet the test requirements.

Linear drying time recorder

Gzy-i linear drying time recorder technical parameters:

6 samples can be measured at the same time, saving measurement time

There are three different speeds: 6-12 -- 24-48 hours, suitable for any application

Optional accessories: Cube preparator (film applicator and bracket)

Order information: GZY-1 recorder

316×24×3mm glass bar (60 pieces/box)

Recommended product cement electric flexural testing machine

Operation steps:

Apply film on the glass sheet using film applicators and supports (Film applicators and supports to be ordered separately)

Place the instrument rod in the starting position and place the glass sheet in its position

Place the needle on the sample glass and adjust the speed button to select the appropriate speed

Turn on the drying time recorder and the instrument will close automatically at the end of the test


This product is specialized in coating, ink development, production and testing instruments, widely used in coating, ink, pigment, paper, highway and other industries.


The various stages of drying and curing of the coating are easily monitored, but they are not so simple to define in terms of chemical and physical principles. In order to obtain a satisfactory assessment, it is necessary to use instruments to measure under controlled conditions. Our company provides a multi-purpose drying time recorder to help quantify the different stages of drying and curing, produce good reproducibility results, and ensure high efficiency.

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