Integrated multi-function comprehensive instrument

One - piece multi - functional instrument

Integrated multi-function comprehensive instrument

The product description

SC - SF202 one-piece multi-function integrated instrument based on intelligent, digital, network design, intelligent control, smart bus, liquid crystal display, electronic, industrial network storage technology, integrated digital display, recording, adjusting and communication function, one-piece multifunctional integrated instrument and can support user-defined display screen, a. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, brewing, environmental protection, science and education and other industries.

One - piece multi - functional instrument features

Input channel: 2

Input signal: Voltage :D ~ 20mV, 0 ~ 100mV, 0 ~ 5V, 1 ~ 5V

Current :D ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA

Thermal resistance :Pt100, Cu50

Thermocouple :B, E, J, K, S, T

Basic error: ± 0.2% f.S. (0 ~ 55℃, 10 ~ 85% RH)

Output channel: 2 passive contacts, 1 4-20mA current output

Display mode: curve, number, mix, recall, alarm, etc., and can support user-defined display screen

LCD backlight: long life backlight, full intelligent contrast adjustment function, clear and clear display

Algorithm function: PID adjustment algorithm, etc

Recording interval: 1 second ~ 240 seconds

Storage medium: 4M, non-volatile memory, no need for backup battery

Communication mode: RS485, ModbusRTU slave protocol

Record management: network connection of 64 instruments, centralized display, storage, printing, management, analysis, etc

Instrument life: no mechanical transmission parts, no wear, no consumables, data valid for 10 years

Dimensions: 160×8D×48(mm×mm×mm)

Opening size: 152×76(mm×mm)

Power supply: 90-260VAC, 45-55Hz

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