Industrial Furnace Paperless Temperature Recorder

Industrial Furnace Paperless Temperature Recorder

Industrial Furnace Paperless Temperature Recorder


KH300G is high quality color paperless recorder, paperless strip chart recorder(144x144x180mm, up to 16 channels), used the advanced technology, to be designed high quality and performance, isolated, high accuracy, universal use, to be aimed to monitor, record, analysis the processes in various industry application.


Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy, Paper, Electricity, Chemical, Nuclear power, Cement, Building,Food, aviation, Medical University lab, Marine, Sewage treatment etc variour automation application.




Power Supply

100-240 VAC , wide power supply, photoelectric isolated

Max. Input Channels No.

Max. 16 analog input, isolated;  

each channel can be configurable flexibly as universal input                                                                                               

Universal Analog Input

Analog Input : 
0-5VDC, 1-5VDC, 0-10VDC
0-10mA , working with external 500Ω resistor; 
4-20mA , working with external 250Ω precise resistor. 

Thermocouple Input:

K, S, T, E,J, B, N, R, WRE526, WRE325

RTD Input

PT100, CU50, CU100




Input Range

Analog Input Range: -20000 to 20000.
Thermocouple Input Range:
K ( -50 ~ 1300℃ ), S ( -50 ~ 1700℃ ),T ( -200 ~ 350℃ ) ,E ( 0 800℃ ), 
J ( 0 ~ 1000℃ ), B ( 300 ~ 1800℃ ), N ( 0 ~ 1300℃ ), R(-50-1700℃) , 
WRE526 (-0 ~ 2300℃), WRE235 (0 ~ 2300℃)
RTD Input Range:
Cu50 ( -50 ~ 150℃ ) , Pt100 ( -200 ~ 600℃ ), Cu100 ( -50 ~ 150℃ )



Sample Time

1 seconds for all channels

Data Memory

Big capacity FLASH memory, up to 10 years for long time memory even power off

Data Save

8MB memory capacity with big capacity TF card expedition                                             (when the flash memory is with 1 period, the recorder will save the data in TF card )

Data Memory Time

45days x setting memory interval time / ordered channels no.

E.g.: Ordered channels No. :1 , memory interval time setting: 1 second, so it can memory: 45X1/1 =45days data


Memory Interval Time

1-30000 seconds, can be seted flexibly





Up to 16 replay output, 250VAC, 3A relay contact output: NO +NC

Photoelectrical isolated RS485 communication output

8 channels 4-20mA output

RS232 printing output for mini printer to printer data

USB pen drive,TF card port for data transfer

RS485 Communication

RS485 communication, universal standard MODBUS-RTU protocol; can be configurable with HMI. DCS, MCGS etc directly in market,

Flow Totalize

Flow totalize function, can be with 5 optional temperature and pressure compensation: super-heated steam, saturated steam, normal gas, linear pressure, linear temperature

Can be generated with daily report, month report, shift report automatically

Math Function

+,-. x,/, average, max. min.

PC software

Display data in digit, curve; also print memorized data in curve; export the data as Excel format for further analysis


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