High Quality Digital Ammeter And Multifunction Electric Current Meter


High Quality Digital Ammeter And Multifunction Electric Current Meter



E series product is a multi-function electric instrument which is provided with function of programmable measurement, display, digital communications and power pulse transmitting output and so on it can complete the power measurement, power calculation, data display, collection and transmission, and can be widely used in the substation automation, distribution automation, 
intelligent building, enterprise internal power measurement, management and evaluation. Measurement accuracy is 0.5 or 1 class, meets LED/LCD on-screen display and remote RS-485 digital interface communication, adopts the MODBUS RTU communication protocol.


Measurements: three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power and reactive power.
Using the high reliability industrial DSP, data acquisition speed, high accuracy, fast processing speed. 
Powerful data acquisition and processing, one-loop full electric parameters can be measured.
Small Size, easy installation, use the self-locking panel installation, it can be installed without screws.
Convenient and flexible wiring, three-phase three-wire system and three-phase four-wire system can be set through panel programming. 
Optional 1-way RS485 communication interface (ModBus communication protocal), to communicate with other devices.
Optional 1-4-way 4-20mA analog output and 1-4-way switch input and output.


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