Digital Voltage Meter voltmeter


Digital Voltage Meter voltmeter


Main Features:
Equipped with alternative voltage and alternative current signal inputs isolated by transformer. It provides the functions of communication, retransmission and alarm. The main board is isolated with heavy current.
Measurement accuracy is 0.2%FS.
Provide dual display instrument.
Up to four channels of alarm, including two high limit alarms and two low limit alarms, Introduce digital calibration technology, easy to operate and maintenance free, automatically adapted to 50Hz/60Hz power measurement.
Support RS485 and RS232C communication interface and AIBUS communication protocol, which is 3 to 5 times faster than other field protocols.
Provide signal retransmission functions with transmission accuracy of 0.2%F.S. able to output standard industrial signal.
Universal power supply of 100-240VAC or 24VDC and various installation dimensions for users to choose from.
High quality and latest hardware design using high performance electronic components energy efficient less temperature drifting provides higher stability and reliability.
ISO9001 and CE certified, achieving world class level of quality, anti-interferenceability and safety.


Technical Specification:

Input type

AC Current:   0-5A (other specification can be ordered), the displayed scale can be freely defined;

AC Voltage:  0-500VAC (0~250VAC other specification can be ordered) 

Power:  Displayed power range can be freely defined according to real AC voltage and current.

Measurement accuracy


Temperature shift

≤0.01%FS/ ℃ (typical value is  50ppm/  ℃)

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

IEC61000-4-4, ± 4KV/5KHz; IEC61000-4-5, 4KV 


When X3 current module is installed in OUTP slot, process value (PV) can be retransmitted to standard current 
with maximum load resistor 500 ohm.

Alarm function

High limit, low limit, second high limit and second low limit 

Isolation withstanding voltage

Between power, relay contact or signal terminals ≥2300VDC;

between isolated electroweak signal terminals≥600VDC

Power supply

100~240VAC, -15%, +10% / 50-60Hz; 24VDC / AC, -15%, +10% 

Power consumption


Operating Ambient

Temperature -10~+60 ; ℃humidity≤90%RH 



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