Curve recorder R1000

The product description

R1000 series curve recorder can receive a variety of thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage and current signals, and perform curve and digital recording. It is widely used in medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and other industries and scientific research units.

Curve recorder R1000

Product Description:

R1000 has the following notable characteristics

· High reliability

· Support network functions

· Powerful computing functions

· Various display functions

· Friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate

· Rich alarm function

· Rich recording and printing capabilities

High reliability

The R1000 curve recorder adopts an formerly advanced technology to provide an formerly reliable quality assurance on machinery and hardware circuits.

· Adopt complete isolation technology.

· Smaller size of internal servo drive unit

· New positioning method is adopted to make the output more accurate.

· The internal circuit adopts THE ASIC specially designed for Yokogawa electric machine to achieve high integration. A/D conversion is faster and more accurate.

· The instrument is dustproof and drip-proof (in line with IP54 standard)

Network function

Support TCP/IP and RS422/485 communication protocols, but also support Modbus RTU communication protocol, can be very convenient and dedicated software connected.

Powerful computing capabilities

R1000 can not only directly calculate the measured data of the simulated channel, but also set complex operation expressions in the operation channel to realize complex operation functions

A variety of display functions

The display part adopts the high definition VFD display, which can display various types of characters, Numbers, bar charts, Pointers, DI/DO status, date, time and other elements. It can also divide the display screen into two parts, respectively displaying different contents.

The interior USES more advanced LED lighting, lower power consumption and higher brightness

Friendly interface

The upper part of the screen is the set parameters, and the lower part is the help information of the current set parameters. It provides users with a user-friendly setting interface, which is easier to operate.

Rich alarm function

R1000 provides a variety of alarm types. When an alarm occurs, the alarm type and location can be displayed on the front panel. The channel number of the alarm can also be displayed through LED lights. It can also display alarm occurrence information through printing function.

Software support

The curve recorder achieves unequalled high record definition, high precision, high reliability, multi-function and easy to operate with special thermal printing recording mode and advanced microprocessor control technology. Continuous recording and digital printing.

The meter of each channel can be directly choose to receive a variety of thermocouple, heat resistance, voltage and current signals, the signal to be measured and trend of digital display and recording and digital records, can print 100 mm wide in itself on paper records scale value at the same time, the time and the curve of each signal, and the channel number printed on the trajectory of each channel. The keyboard can be used to set parameters such as measuring signal type, decimal point position, display range, recording boundary, alarm value, backslip, correction of system error, recording scale, data printing interval, paper speed, printing depth and time, and protect the parameters. Widely used in medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and other industries and research institutions.

Main performance and technical index

1. The type of measurement signal in each channel can be set by the user or indicated at the time of ordering. [Set by the factory for the user]

2. Channel isolation: Input channels are isolated from each other without interference.

3. Display function: fixed point or circuit display of measured values setting parameters Display [in set state] Alarm prompt and prompt light time display [when all input signals are turned off]

4. Recording function: adopt imported fixed thermal sensitive head, no ink consumption, no pen position error, anti-vibration, there are 800 thermal printing points in the range of 100mm to record the trend of the measured value and digital record in the recording curve, and print scale and mark of each channel every 100mm to print the scale value, current time and paper speed

5. Real-time time: The current date and time set by the keyboard will not affect the normal timing even if power is lost

6. Curve migration function: it can separate the trend curve of different channels by setting the record boundary.

7. Scale transformation function: for voltage and current input signals, the linear scale of input signals can be achieved by setting the display range. For thermocouple and thermal resistance signal display range is its measurement range.

8. Input signal type and measuring range: all kinds of thermocouple, thermal resistance, standard voltage and current signal, set by keyboard.

9. Paper speed: Arbitrarily set by keyboard, the paper speed is from 10mm /h to 990mm/h.

10. Alarm function:

Six sets of relay contact outputs are provided and can be used in any combination by the user

Upper limit, lower limit, upper limit of difference and lower limit of difference can be selected for each channel alarm

The alarm return difference of each channel can be set, and the indicator light will prompt when the relay operates

Relay contact capacity: 24VDC, 3A; 220 vac, 3 a

11. Communication: RS232C or RS485 communication interface can be provided [This is an extended function and must be indicated when ordering]

12. Analog output: two channels 4 ~ 20 mA analog output can be provided [This is an extended function, please specify when ordering]

13. Sampling period: 0.6s

14. Digital display and alarm accuracy: ±0.2%F? s.

15. Trend recording accuracy: ±0.2% "two"

16. Digital recording accuracy: ±0.2%F? s.

17. Input impedance: greater than 10MW [Note: For current measurement, input impedance: 250W] 18. Power consumption: not more than 30W

19. Normal working environment: Temperature range: 0 ~ 50°C Humidity range: 10 ~ 85%R? H.

20. Power supply voltage: 220V; 50 Hz

21. External dimension: 144 ´ 144 ´ 200 mm

22. Opening size: 138+1 ´ 138+1 mm

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