box quenching furnace technological process

Box type quenching furnace, also known as hard die forging or durable forging, is the way to cast the melted aluminum alloy into the metal mold to obtain the casting. The box type quenching furnace of aluminum alloy is mainly made of metal core, sand core or shell core. Compared with the pressure forging, the service life of other types of aluminum alloy furnace is longer.

Forging advantages of box quenching furnace


The cooling speed of metal mold is faster, the structure of casting is finer, it can be strengthened by heat treatment, and the mechanical property is 15% higher than that of sand mold forging.

Box type quenching furnace, the quality of casting is stable, the surface roughness is better than that of sand forging, and the scrap rate is low.

Good working conditions, high productivity, easy for workers to master.


Metal mold has large thermal conductivity and poor filling ability.

Metal wood body has no air permeability. It is necessary to adopt corresponding measures to exhaust gas effectively.

The metal mold is non - yielding and easy to crack and deform during solidification.


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