Vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace

Purpose: qsh-v2qc series gas quenching furnace for mechanical manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. It is used for gas quenching of tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, ultra high strength steel and other materials. It can also be used for solid solution treatment of stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy

Vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace

Vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace features:

1. With water cooling system, large installed capacity of furnace, high efficiency of complex parts, special requirements for parts, no need to supplement process products.

2. With interlock functions such as temperature, pressure, water pressure and vacuum, it has highly safe protection and prevention functions;

3. Remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program update;

Vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace main technical indicators:

product Type

QSH-V2QC series

max temperature


Temperature control

programmable and PID auto control

tungsten rhenium thermocouple

average temp


max vacuum


pressure rise rate


heating element

Graphite/ Mo

furnace hearth

Graphite heating element and graphite felt heating insulation/ Moly heating element and metal heating insulation.

Gas quenching pressure


cooling gas


main size

300×300×450mm  400×400×600mm  500×500×700mm700×700×1200mm 800×800×1200mm  900×900×1600mm

Rated voltage

3 phase380V 50/60Hz

Special furnace size is customizable


Furnace body

Furnace body and furnace cover are double - wall water - cooled structure, inner and outer wall made of carbon steel. There is a gap between the two layers, with cooling water inside, the front end is connected to the flange of the furnace mouth, the rear end is connected to the sealing head, and the rear end is connected to the air-cooled motor to keep the furnace body of the flange interface at the lower part of the furnace body, designed for the support of the furnace body to place the furnace body. The furnace body is provided with the following openings

* the evacuation hole

* electrode opening

* thermocouple hole

* filling pores

* pressure measuring hole

* safety valve mounting hole

* other auxiliary openings

* special burner hole on front door,

* specially designed holes in the lower part of the furnace

Oven door

The seal between the furnace body and the door is designed as a two-way seal with lock ring. The sealing ring is installed in the groove of the furnace door flange to ensure that the vacuum furnace is sealed under negative pressure and high pressure air cooling.

Heating element

The heating element is made of graphite tubes. The heating element is evenly distributed along the inner wall of the heating chamber, ensuring long service life without deformation and uniform heating.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber consists of an insulating layer, heating elements, a material table, and other components.

* the insulation layer (50mm) is a circular structure consisting of three layers of graphite felt (30mm) and a high-temperature molded composite hard felt (20mm). The graphite felt is fixed to the heating chamber frame by molybdenum nails. The heating chamber is a 360 degree round uniform cooling method. Front and rear are equipped with compartments. The heat barrier has the same structure as the heat shield.

* the furnace is made of graphite. The two horizontal hearth are fitted with pads made of boron oxide to separate the material basket from the hearth.

Vacuum system

The vacuum system consists of 2h-15b slide valve pump, zj-600 roots pump, vacuum valve installed on the exhaust pipe, differential pressure valve, flexible connector and other accessories made up of medium vacuum units. The ultimate vacuum is up to 4.0× 10-1 Pa.

Electrical control system

Electrical control system: this system is composed of voltage regulator, thyristor and temperature programmable controller, programmable temperature control and PLC programmable mechanical action, which can realize automatic operation of the program. Manual operation have cylinder control and limit function, electromagnetic switch control lock design, control valve bypass valve, the main valve, cylinder with the electromagnetic switch design, inflated and deflated, rapid cooling air valve, electromagnetic switch limit parts design, whether to open and close during the work, can see in industrial computer fitted and closed, and industrial computer has a fault, according to the line position is in place.


Water pressure gauges are installed in all piping of the water line control system. When the water pressure is low and the water is cut off, an alarm is issued and the location of the fault is displayed on the industrial computer.


Functions and features of touch screen control system:

* easy-to-use man-machine control interface;

* operator level identification (divided into three levels, each user has a different password);

* display of mechanical action of equipment;

* display the main process parameters of the equipment;

* PLC public I/O point status display;

* real-time display function of basic alarm of the equipment (such as abnormal water pressure, overheating, abnormal voltage regulator, excessive pressure, overload of vacuum pump, power failure, etc.)


Temperature controller adopts double control, 15 inch industrial control computer, temperature, pressure, cooling process curve of the records and prepare, vacuum degree, the adjustment of the pressure selection, heating current and voltage monitoring, voltage regulation requirements, the process of the intelligent temperature control module (Siemens), temperature control accuracy for plus or minus 0.1%, can store 20 process curve of each curve of article 20, 9 set of PID parameters,


The s7-200 programmable controller (Siemens products) is used to control the mechanical action, which can realize the full automatic control of evacuation, opening the valve, moving in and out of materials and so on.


The simple fault self-diagnosis function can display the fault cause, sound and light alarm and self-protection in time


This feature makes the operation simple, easy to learn, easy to use, and enables the operator to quickly become familiar with the use and maintenance of the equipment.


The paperless recorder USES (0 to 1400°C) to continuously record temperature curves in mv and vacuum curves (0 to 20mv).


The temperature measuring element is a double core S P (platinum rhodium 10 platinum), one core for temperature control and the other core for recording and alarming. The thermocouples are divided into two groups. Many domestic manufacturers actually measure the temperature at the same location. In fact, the temperature is actually wrong, because the reaction does not show whether the local temperature in the furnace is correct. The two thermocouple groups of our company are not in the same position to ensure the temperature. The temperature is uniform and can be corrected. The first set of control temperature control table, the second set of control recorder.


Alarm: can realize alarm, safety interlock protection, such as abnormal water pressure, overheating, abnormal voltage regulator, vacuum pump overload, fan overload.


1SET furnace body (furnace body, heater, furnace, etc.)

1 set control cabinet

1SET vacuum system (pumps and valves)

1SET water cooling system (piping)

1SET operation manual

Vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace application

Our products are widely used. Usually used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific experiments, steel quenching, polishing material sintering, glass sintering and ceramic sintering.

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