Roller-Hearth Hardening and Tempering Furnace for Gas Cylinder

The roller bottom heat treatment line is designed for quenching and heat preservation of cylinders of various sizes, quick quenching, tempering and heat preservation, so as to realize the automatic control of the whole process from loading to unloading and meet the specifications of the buyer.

Equipment purpose:

The equipment is a roller bottom heat treatment production line for steel gas cylinders, mainly used for heating, heat preservation, rapid quenching and tempering of gas cylinders of various sizes, so as to realize automatic control from loading and unloading to packing and meet the requirements of the buyer. 

Process requirements:

Production process loading → transfer the gas cylinder to the loading conveyor of the quenching furnace through the overhead crane → open the door of the quenching furnace → transfer the gas cylinder to the quenching furnace quickly → heat the gas cylinder inside the quenching furnace (at the same time, the gas cylinder moves slowly to prevent the cylinder from deforming and increase the heating uniformity) → open the middle door (heat insulation) → transfer the cylinder to the heat preservation area of the quenching furnace quickly Domain (at the same time, the cylinder moves slowly to prevent the deformation of the cylinder and increase the uniformity of heat preservation) → after treatment, the unloading is completed → the unloading is opened, the cylinder is unloaded quickly → the door is closed, the cylinder is transferred to the side unloading conveyor of the quenching tank → the cylinder is transferred to the quenching tank for quenching. At the same time, the transporter moves up and down to homogenize the quenching medium and ensure the quenching quality → lift the steel cylinder with the transporter → transport the steel cylinder to the loading conveyor of the tempering furnace → open the tempering furnace door → transport the steel cylinder to the tempering furnace for heating (the working sequence, the beat time and the control mode are the same as those of the quenching furnace) → open the tempering furnace door after reaching the process time → discharge the material quickly → transfer the cylinder Transfer to discharge conveyor, cool and wait for discharge → complete a cycle, wait.


Brief introduction of equipment

Feeding conveyor: it is mainly designed for loading, unloading and fast conveying of steel cylinder, which is composed of support frame, idler, driving device and control device.

Support frame: it is made of formed steel plate and steel plate, and welded together, with good appearance. The anchor plate is welded at the bottom of the support frame and fixed on the embedded plate of the foundation to ensure reliability and safety.

Roller conveyor: made of 20 seamless steel pipe (φ 159 × 6mm). The positioning device is equipped with rollers to prevent the cylinder from shifting and falling during movement. Both ends of the roller are made of 45 steel and processed into shafts, which are fixed on the support frame together with the bearing. The set bolt is equipped with a bearing to prevent the roller deflection.

Driving device: driven by reducer through sprocket and chain.

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