Bright annealing furnace

Advantages and disadvantages of bright annealing furnace and improvement measures

The bright annealing furnace is a medium-sized industrial furnace with a long strip shape. The continuous bright annealing furnace of the axle in the forging and smelting workshop of the rolling stock factory originally used the fuel sub high speed burner, which was mainly used for the heat treatment after the heating and casting of the train axle. It is one of the primary equipment in the forging and smelting workshop of the rolling stock factory.


1. Easy to use, accustomed to the production environment;

2. The temperature in the furnace rises rapidly and the temperature in each section is uniform;

3. The overhaul period of furnace body shall be more than five years, and the vulnerable parts such as furnace door and burner shall be easy to maintain.


1. The fuel consumption of the equipment is large, the efficiency is low, and the environmental pollution is serious;

2. There are many problems caused by pushing steel track and so on, which make maintenance difficult and affect production;

3. Low degree of automation control, high rate of waste products, generally at the mercy of 12%.

Improvement measures

The furnace temperature of the reformed bright annealing furnace is divided into three areas, in which the workpieces are pushed into the first area of the furnace - heating area by the pusher, there are four burners arranged in staggered rows on the walls on both sides, the track is supported by the arch made of refractory bricks, so that the workpieces can be heated on both sides, and then there are two areas and three areas - constant temperature area, four burners are arranged in staggered rows at the same height of the walls on both sides. The eight burners are all low-pressure eddy current burners. There are spacing beams between zone 1 and zone 2. There are two composite metal heat exchangers at the front and rear top of the furnace. Both sides of the furnace wall and the furnace bottom are made of brick. The furnace top is made of fire-resistant fiber felt. A high-pressure fan is selected to supply combustion supporting air and jet air for smoke exhaust. There are control valves and flow orifices on the gas and air main pipes, and control valves on the induced draft air main pipes. Together, they are equipped with a set of leading microcomputer control system, display instruments and protection equipment.


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