Single Stage Vacuum Pump

High quality vacuum pump is an indispensable tool to complete a / C service. The vacuum pump is durable and time tested. They have endured the toughest conditions and will provide years of reliable service. Complete pump selection is available. Don't worry about your service requirements, it will provide a model for your application.

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The single-stage vacuum pump design can rapidly pull the vacuum to 20Pa. Advanced two-stage design pulls the deep vacuum fast to 3PA. The dual voltage design vacuum pump can operate on 115VAC or 220VAC (50 or 60Hz).




Free Air Displacement


4.5 CFM

115 L /min

1.9 L /S

128 L /min

2.1 L /S

Ultimate Vacuum

10 Pa

75 Microns

0.1 mbar


1/3 HP

Rotating Speed

1440 r/min

1720 r/min

Intake Fitting

1/4SAE      1/2ACME

Oil Capacity

300 ml


310 x 120 x 250 mm

Net Weight

10 kg

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