Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump With Air Ejector


Water ring vacuum pumps and compressors is the basis of years of scientific research and production experience combined with international advanced technology developed energyefficient products, usually used for suction without solid particles, insoluble in water, noncorrosive the nature of the gas, in order to form a vacuum in the airtight container and pressure. By changing the structural material, the working fluid can also be used for pumping corrosive gases or corrosive liquids. Widely used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, electrical appliances, coal washing, beneficiation, fertilizer and other industries.


Main feature of 2BV2 Monoblock series liquid ring vacuum pump with Air Ejector:

1. bearings imported bearings, to ensure that the pump impeller 2BE1 precise positioning and high stability during operation.

2. impeller material used in all welding nodular cast iron or steel, fully guarantee the stability 2BE1 pump impeller in a variety of adverse conditions, and greatly improve the 2BE1 pump life.

3. pulley (belt drive) using standard precision Bushes, reliable operation and long belt life, easy removal.

4. coupling (direct drive) using a standard high-strength elastic couplings, flexible components using polyurethane materials, stable and reliable, long service life.

5. pump used in all steel production, improve the 2BE1 pump life.

6. 2BE1 pump sleeve as the most easily damaged parts, all use stainless steel material than the average life expectancy has increased by 5 times.

7. unique top-mounted gas-water separator to save space, and effectively reduce the noise.

8. casting resin sand casting in all, good quality, without the need to play tired, so 2BE1 heat pump works best.

9. mechanical seals (optional) all imported parts, fully guaranteed 2BE1 series vacuum leak in long-running process.

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