inclosed vertical pressure leaf filter

inclosed vertical pressure leaf filter


Product Description
High Efficiency Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter
High efficiency inclosed leaf filter belongs to stainless steel woven mesh filter. It is the new generation filtration equipment that we developed referencing foreign technology. The filter has unique and compacted design, and high filtering efficiency. It does not consume the filter cloth, filter paper or filter cartridge, just uses a little filter aid, so the filtration cost is low. And the machine is easy to operate, maintain and clean. Manual discharging and auto discharging are available according to customer's requirement. The filter area ranges from 2m2 to 200m2. The housing material can be carbon steel or stainless steel to meet clients' different needs.


The filter can be widely used for oil industry (such as crude oil, hydrogenated oil, winterized oil, biodiesel, etc), food industry (such as activated carbon decoloration for granulated sugar and glucose, clarification filtering of liquor, juice, beverage, edible oil, etc.), chemical industry (such as the crystal separation of petrochemical industry, inorganic chemical industry and organic chemical industry, separation of catalyzers, decoloration of chemical products), environmental protection industry (such as using water from rivers and lakes, supernatant purification of sewage treatment plant, purification of water from swimming pool etc.).



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