pit type electrical heating vacuum annealing furnace for metal


Product Description

Pit type furnace is cycle type furnace, apply to the pole, long axial parts heat treatment. The Wells of the furnace body is cylindrical, by special crane installed vertically within the charging heating workpiece. Pit type furnace is usually placed below the ground plane in the shop, also have placed above the ground plane, or each half of the under ground plane.


1.Electric furnace has large fan device, furnace temperature uniformity.

2. Electric furnace more area and control, further improve the uniformity of furnace temperature.

3. The zone in the hearth stainless steel inlet bucket.

4. Furnace cover open-close used crane lifting or automatic hydraulic opening and closing mechanism, and with a guide column, ensure furnace cover opening and closing smoothly;

5. Furnace cover with furnace adopts high temperature resistant fiber cotton production, furnace heat preservation performance is good, save energy and reduce the production cost.

6. No pollution, good environmental benefits.

7.Two area control ,using intelligent digital display instrument with silicon controlled temperature control, also have heat preservation time relay, with the function of over temperature alarm.

8.The heating element is 0Cr21Al6Nb heating filament.

9.Lining by energy-saving light and aluminum silicate refractory fiber and diatomite brick.

10.Furnace cover open by leverage.

11.Equipped with heat resistant steel skirts in the middle.

Product Application

1.Use for heat treatment in air of steel parts especially the long pieces .When the process requires, may pass into the protective atmosphere to reduce oxidation of the workpiece.

Main parameters

Rated power(KW): 40

phase: 3

Chamber size(diameter×depth)(mm): Φ600×800

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