Pit type vacuume gas nitriding furnace


Product Description

Vacuum nitriding furnace is a heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case hardened surface. These processes are most commonly used on low-carbon, low-alloy steels, however they are also used on medium and high-carbon steels, titanium, aluminum and molybdenum.

Product Applications

Typical applications include gears, crankshafts, camshafts, cam followers, valve parts, extruder screws, die-casting tools, forging dies, extrusion dies, firearm components, injectors and plastic-mold tools.

Main Technical Parameters

Effective working dimension (mm): 250x250x400

Max temperature (C): 1300

Ultimate pressure (Bar): 6 or 10 bar

Pressure rising rate (pa/h): 0.5

Temperature uniformity (C): ±5

Loading capacity (kg): 50

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