Pit gas nitriding heat treatment furnace

Well type gas nitriding furnace

Pit gas nitriding heat treatment furnace

Technical indicators

1. Electric pit gas nitriding furnace for heat treatment

2. High quality, low price

3. Perfect after-sales service, buy immediately

The product description

The pit gas nitriding furnace is welded with steel and special-shaped steel. The furnace adopts ceramic fiber and high quality resistance wire, which can save 40% energy. Pit annealing furnace is mainly used for bar, pipe, forgings, large welds and castings annealing, normalizing and stress relief.

Our services

Warranty: one year limited warranty, providing lifetime support, but excluding heating elements and user-damaged ceramic tubes.

Note: any damage caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases, and any damage caused by incorrect operation and use, is not covered by the one-year limited warranty.

Type Customize Phase  Customize
Chamber sizePowerWorking temperature
W x H x D  
KSS-1100PAF550*550mm65KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1100PAF750*850mm180KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1100PAF800x1000mm60KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1100PAF900x1000mm120KW3950 oC/1100C

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