30KW Pit Type Gas Nitriding Heat Treatment Industrial Furnace


Product Description

1. High penetrating rate: Heat holds 8-10 hours, penetrating layer is 0.14-0.18mm, and bright white layer is 0.006-0.01mm.

2. High surface hardness: HV1,000-1,200

3. Big load capacity and low cost for heat-treatment: Low vacuum varying pressure technology fulfills good nitriding process. Fresh air reaches every corner of the inner furnace tank and provides perfect sealed environment, so that increases load capacity.

4. Small surface friction coefficient.

5. Low brittleness.

6. Stable performance: With uniform and controllable atmosphere and temperature inside furnace, the vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace ensures stable nitriding process and good nitriding effect.

7. Easy for operation

8. Wide adaptability, uniform seeping layer

Product Application

nitriding furnace is cyclic energy-saving furnace, mainly used for the nitriding and tufftriding of the carbon steel, steel parts, auto cranked shaft, auto piston ring, molds, alloy steel, cast iron and power metallurgical products.

Main technical parameter

Power(Kw): 30

Rated temperature(): 650

Chamber size(mm): Φ450*650

Temperature uniformity(): ≤±5

Limiting vacuum(mpa): -0.08

Temperature rising time(min): ≤80

Loading capacity(kg): 400

Weight(ton): 2.4

Voltage(v): 380/415

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