Vacuum cleaning furnace

Vacuum cleaning furnace (also known as vacuum calciner) is suitable for cleaning and processing of spinneret and filter element produced by polyester, acrylic acid and polypropylene in chemical fiber industry, as well as cleaning of plastic, cable and textile industry.

The polymer used in the vacuum cleaning furnace can be melted at 300 ℃, the air above 300 ℃ can be pyrolyzed and coked, and can be completely oxidized to vacuum in the air above 400 ℃ and a small amount of certain environment. The first polymer sewage workpiece is heated to 300 ℃ (recommended) according to the technical requirements, so that some polymer melts on the workpiece flow to the furnace bottom for collection In the container, then the temperature rises to 400-400 ℃, at the same time, turn on the vacuum pump, and use a small amount of fresh air to ventilate, so that the rest of the polymer will be oxidized to generate carbon dioxide, and the water will be injected after being absorbed by the water ring vacuum pump and mixed with the outside water.

Vacuum cleaning furnace

Working principle and characteristics:

The spinneret surface is clean, the orifice flow is small, the environmental pollution is small, the service life of the spinneret can be prolonged, the working time is short, the energy-saving, the operation is simple, the cleaning effect is good, and the automation degree is high. Instead of triethylene glycol cleaning furnace and salt bath furnace.

Vacuum cleaning furnace is used in polyester, polypropylene and nonwovens industries of chemical fiber industry, such as ordinary spinneret, special spinneret, fine mesh spinneret and shell components. It can also be used to clean filters, filter rods, components and molds.

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