Glass melting furnace

Glass melting furnace application scope:

The furnace is a studio equipment, which is used to produce small forest glass artworks for exhibition.

Glass melting furnace

Glass melting furnace structure description:

Steel frame structure

Insulation includes mineral fiber table, light brick and silicified insulation

Easy to install U-type heating element

Power cord with three East European plugs

Temperature controller ht40b

S-type thermocouple, SSR

Additional 40kW gas burners are placed at the furnace door to minimize temperature and heat loss

Connected by kbch ceramic material

Controller ht40b ensures that the temperature is controlled within the standard value

The standard design includes:

Manual right door opening

Temperature controller ht40b

Gas burner

Additional charge attachment:

Industrial temperature controller with R 232 or R 485 interface

Heat cycle monitoring and recording software

Glass melting furnace advantage:

High strength steel frame structure

Perfect temperature distribution

Top class insulation material (low power consumption, rapid temperature rise to specified temperature)

High precision temperature program control

SSR (silent and smooth operation, little impact on surrounding equipment)

Perfect hardware, operation and strong security

Types oftemperature
External dimensions
     (w x h x d) mm
Internal dimensions
     (w x h x d) mm
TSH 20/131300201300x1350x1630270x3006500400

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