Automotive Glass Tempering Furnace

1. Automotive  Glass Tempering Furnace Machine application:

Die bending glass toughening machine is a special equipment for producing multi curvature bending toughened glass. It is mainly used in the back door and side door of automobile (side door is also multi curvature), truck, furniture and other fields.

2. Main technical features:

Loading table:

1. Equipped with LED lamp to detect whether the glass is defective.

Heating section:

1. The ceramic roller is driven by sections, and the driving speed of the last area is faster than that of other areas.

2. Section heating, each working position has a separate heating area.

There are ceramic plates to divide different heating areas,

3. There is a ceramic plate on the top of the oven, which can ensure more even heating and avoid residue falling. However, the cost is high and the installation requirements are high.

The ceramic roller system is driven by triple belt, which can ensure better and stable operation at the same time, and avoid the scratch and damage of the glass above the roller. When the belt is damaged, it will not affect the operation.

3. The same high-quality heat insulation material is used for the whole heating furnace

4. The heating element is designed with no gap (parallelogram shape), which can make the heating more uniform.

5. Improve the yield and product quality.

6. The heating element adopts ceramic support, which can avoid grounding and heater failure


Quenching section:

1. The horn type air nozzle makes the air pressure greater, the quality better and the energy consumption lower.

2. Circular air duct, strong air pressure, less air loss, low energy consumption

3. Modular quenching design, more accurate adjustment, easier mold change, shorter mold change time.

4. Cooling fan for further cooling

Control system:

1. PLC, frequency converter. Contactor: Siemens

2. Network data of servo motor control mode: PROFINET, which can reduce interference compared with traditional wiring mode

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