Built-in automatic oil-water separator oil separation equipment

1. Product functions

Automatic oil-water separator is a new generation of automatic products, including automatic slag removal, automatic oil-water separation, automatic sludge discharge, automatic backwash cleaning, automatic strong discharge, automatic level identification and other functions; Centralized control in the full automatic control cabinet, without manual guard; Product components can be disassembled for maintenance; Unique bearing type spiral winch slag removal device, low noise, more stable, longer operation time; Single-guide self-stretching oil-water separation device, which can automatically adjust the chain length while running stably, has better treatment effect and lower failure rate; Automatic backwash cleaning device, clean the inner wall of the equipment regularly to prevent sundries and oil stains sticking. The equipment is equipped with auxiliary water tank (optional), which provides the collecting water tank for the customers without auxiliary pit between the equipment, so as to facilitate the equipment cleaning and empty the sewage inside the equipment, making the equipment room cleaner and cleaner. (Automatic and manual slag removal optional)

Built-in automatic oil-water separator oil separation equipment

2. Working Conditions:

Installation: in pit

Lifting pump installation: built-in

Processing capacity: 5~80m3/h

Material: SUS304/SUS316 optional

This series of products are suitable for medium and large catering service enterprises, commercial squares, hotels and so on.

3. working principle

The discharged sewage enters into the automatic slag removal device of the slag removal warehouse from the water intake, filters out the residue with particle diameter greater than 3mm, and directly enters into the slag collection bucket; Sewage flows into the settling silo again, and the small particles and sludge settle down, and are cleaned regularly by the mud discharging device; At this point the waste grease and began to float on the water; Waste water flows into the oil-water separation bin, and the waste oil is sent to the oil collection bin by the automatic oil scraping device. Automatic constant temperature device is installed in the oil collection bin to ensure that the oil will not solidify. The waste oil in the oil collection bin can be discharged and collected regularly according to the actual consumption of users; After the separation of oil and water, the sewage enters the siphon bin, which is equipped with a backwash device, and the equipment interior and main components are cleaned regularly; After that, the sewage enters the sewage storage silo and is discharged into the municipal pipe network by the automatic strong discharge device according to the upper and lower limit signals transmitted by the liquid level transmitter. At this time, the sewage meets the national discharge standard.

Special circumstances occur, such as the upper sewage discharge is too large, resulting in the overflow of sewage from the equipment, the overflow of sewage from the overflow port into the auxiliary tank; When it is necessary to overhaul the equipment, the bottom drain valve can be opened, and the internal sewage of the equipment can be completely discharged into the auxiliary water tank. The auxiliary water tank is equipped with a level controller, which can automatically discharge the sewage.

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