Air source oil-water separator

The gas-source oil-water separator gas includes the filter, the pressure reducing valve, the filter pressure reducing valve, the oil zero device as well as the two parts and the three parts which they compose. Adopt standardized module design, can be arbitrarily combined and decomposed, reasonable product design, convenient adjustment, can meet the requirements of various pneumatic systems.

Air source oil-water separator

The filter adopts novel cyclone vane design with high water separation efficiency and differential pressure drainage device, which can discharge water automatically.

The pressure reducing valve adopts the balanced air inlet structure, which has the characteristics of good pressure stabilization, high precision and sensitive reaction.

Oil zero is a lubricating element in pneumatic system, which has the advantages of novel design and convenient regulation.

Filter belt pressure reducing valve adopts filter and pressure reducing valve integrated design, reduce the installation space, easy to use.

Pneumatic machinery power sources are provided by compressed air, when the air is compressed, the moisture in the air and oil will form supersaturation, easy to condense into liquid water drops and oil droplets, which has a bad impact on pneumatic machinery, so the oil and water separator will be separated from the air. The working principle of oil-water separator is simply said: when the compressed air (oil-water susaturated air) into the separator, the flow direction and velocity of the rapid change, and then rely on inertial action, the density of larger than the compressed air oil droplets and water droplets separated.

Installation of air source oil-water separator

1. Please pay attention to clean the connecting pipes and joints during installation to avoid dirt coming into the gas path.

2. During installation, please pay attention to whether the gas flow direction is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the body, and pay attention to whether the tooth type of the pipe and joint is correct.

3. Fixing of strainer and pressure regulating valve (pressure regulating strainer) oil feeder: match the convex groove of the fixing bracket with the groove on the body, and then lock it with fixing plate and screw.

4. Fixing when using pressure regulating valve and filter separately: turn the fixing ring to lock the attached special fixing piece.

Instructions for use of air source oil-water separator

1. The filter has two drainage methods: differential pressure drainage and manual drainage. Manual drainage must be done before the water level reaches the level below the filter element.

2. For pressure adjustment, please pull up the knob before turning it and then turn it. Press down the knob for positioning. Turn the knob to the right to increase the outlet pressure, and turn it to the left to reduce the outlet pressure. When adjusting the pressure, the pressure should be adjusted gradually and evenly to the required value, not adjusted in one step.

3. Usage of oil feeder: JIS K2213 oil (ISOVg32 or equivalent oil) is used in oil feeder. Please do not pour more than 8 full cup. The number 0 means small amount of oil and 9 means large amount of oil. Cannot rotate from position 9-0, must rotate clockwise.

Precautions for air source oil-water separator

1. Part of the parts shall be made of PC material. It is forbidden to approach or use in the environment of organic solvent. Please use neutral detergent for PC cup cleaning.

2. Do not use pressure beyond its use scope.

3. When the outlet air volume is significantly reduced, the filter element should be changed in time.

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