Silicon carbide nozzle

Silicon carbide burner: burner; Burner cover; Spray nozzle of fire. The burner. Also called silicon carbide tube; Sic fire nozzle, high strength, no slag, no cracking, long life, easy to replace and so on. This product is ideal fire spout kiln equipment such as roller kiln, tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln. It is especially suitable for industrial furnace spout mouth such as natural gas, liquefied gas, gas and diesel oil in ceramic, chemical, glass and metallurgy industries (below 1380℃).

Silicon carbide nozzle

Silicon carbide nozzle:

Types of nozzles: spiral, eddy, direct

Connection: thread, bond, flange, custom - made

Flow range: 5m3-130m3

Angle: 60 °, 90 °, 100 ° 110 ° 120 °

Spray shape: solid cone, hollow cone

Application: absorber slurry spray, flue gas inlet cooling, slurry mixing, defogger flushing.

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