Nitrogen generator nitrogen generator

Nitrogen generator nitrogen generator

Nitrogen Capacity3-3000Nm3/h
Nitrogen Purity95-99.9995%
Output Pressure0.1-0.8Mpa(1-8bar)adjustable/or as customer's requirment


Technical Parameters


Specificationoutput (Nm³/h)Effective gas consumption (Nm³/h)air cleaning systemImporters caliber

Application field of nitrogen generator nitrogen generator

- food packaging (cheese, sausage, coffee, dried fruits, herbs, fresh pasta, ready-to-eat, sandwiches, etc.. )

-bottle wine, oil, water, vinegar

- storage and packaging materials for fruits and vegetables

- industrial

- medical

- chemical

Working principle of nitrogen generator nitrogen generator

The oxygen and nitrogen machines are constructed according to the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) principle and consist of at least two absorbers equipped with molecular sieves that alternate with compressed air (pre-purified to remove oil, moisture and powder) and produce nitrogen or oxygen. When compressed air passes through one container, a gas is produced, while the other container regenerates itself, causing the previously absorbed gas to lose pressure. The process is repeated in a circular fashion. The generator is managed by PLC.

Technical characteristics

1). Fully automated

All systems are designed for unattended operations and automatic nitrogen regulation.

2). Lower space requirements

The design and instrumentation make the plant so compact that it can be assembled on a factory-prefabricated slide.

3). Quick start

The required nitrogen purity can be obtained in a start-up time of only 5 minutes, so the devices can be turned on and off depending on the nitrogen requirements.

4). High reliability

Very reliable for continuous and stable operation and stable nitrogen purity. Factory availability time is always better than 99%.

5). Molecular sieve life

The expected life of the molecular sieve is about 15 years, the entire life of the nitrogen plant. So there is no replacement cost.

6). adjustable

By changing the flow rate, you can transport nitrogen of suitable purity.

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